At FSS, our employees are our greatest asset. We pride ourselves on hiring the right people for the right position...and our customer testimonials highlight that exact point. Please see some of our most recent customer testimonials from across the country.

"I came through FAT and found everyone very helpful in assisting me with my wheelchair, but I was most impressed with the performance of Monica Dillingham.

Beverly Y. / FAT

"I want to compliment John J. Jacob A. and O Som. -- they did an outstanding job yesterday of helping more than 40 passengers, going above and beyond what was necessary.

Ruben C. / FAT

"Mark Jones did a great job helping my mom with her wheelchair. Please pass along my thanks.

Anonymous / CLE

"Mary Krause was very kind and efficient. Thank you.

Baich M. / CLE

"I want to take a moment of your time to recognize a FSS employee who provided exceptional assistance to a passenger and me. I was experiencing a language barrier with a passenger who spoke only Spanish, when FSS employee, Elizabeth Aguilar offered to translate. With Elizabeth's help, we were able to learn the passenger was traveling to San Salvador, had walked away from her bags at the gate to use the bathroom and could not remember which gate she was traveling from. Elizabeth walked with the passenger and me to check with TACA Airlines and American Airlines to find the right gate and locate the passenger's luggage. During this 20 minute episode, Elizabeth was instrumental in keeping open a channel of communication with the confused, anxious passenger so we could successfully resolve the problem. I want to commend Elizabeth to you on her poise and willingness to make an extra effort to help a passenger (and an officer) in need.

Clifton B. / DFW

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