FSS People

We believe our most important asset is our people. FSS is committed to staffing only the very best team members from the start. Our employees are thoroughly tested with proven management profiling tools to ensure we hire the right people who can perform to our high level of standards.

FSS values equipping our people with the necessary tools and training to ensure they are the best they can be.

Our employees hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Our FSS Station Managers & Supervisors award our crew members based on our Recognition Programs.

Each month, we celebrate our employees through our Anniversary Program, and every month we acquire new data. We have concluded now, that around 50% our part time work force has about 3 years of service on average with Flight Services & Systems.

Employee Acknowledgements

Our employees are located throughout different parts of the country, so we try to keep acknowledgments of all the hard work they put in through Corporate Announcements highlighting what is new with the crew, and other contributions our employees make.

We have a new segment in our Corporate Announcement, providing stories of our employees going above and beyond giving our customers the best experience possible.

Below are some recent articles acknowledging some of our employees: